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We are Australia’s baffle modification specialist’s and fabricate replacement, race, sports, cruiser, trail or custom systems as well as repairing, re-skinning and polishing all types of motorcycle mufflers, headers and chambers.

TURNA Cruiser Systems  

TURNA’s Cruiser Systems are designed to turna bad sounding bike into good and are finished in either polished     stainless or ceramic coating with wool wrapped baffles and 02 sensors.

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Performance Systems

We have proven on the “Great White Dyno”  that we are capable of building systems that work as we are currently Australia’s 500cc Land Speed Record Holder as well as having the top 2 positions in Australia’s Moto3 Class and will build to your specs or ours.

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Sports Bike Systems

Motorcycle Exhaust Professionals are Australia’s standard muffler baffle modification specialist as well as fabricating replica, replacement, custom or performance sports bike systems.

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Trail Bike Systems

Motorcycle Exhaust Professionals can also baffle modify trail bike mufflers for a cost effective alternative as well as repairs, re-skins or reproducing both 2 and 4 stroke systems.

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Corey Turner #52

Motorcycle Exhaust Professionals are proud to be sponsoring ASBK rider #52, Corey Turner again for the 2018 season. We were very impressed that he won Rookie of the year 2017 by winning rounds at Winton, Victoria; Hidden Valley, Northern Territory; Morgan Park, Queensland; and again at Eastern Creek, New South Wales. This season we will be providing him with a 2018 race spec Suzuki GSXR1000 and fabricating his exhaust systems for both bikes as well as contributing at each round with his bike set up. Can't wait to see the results...